As part of the 63rd Annual General Meeting of Members of the Association of the V Region-Asiva, this trade association awarded the "Business Career Award 2016" to Knop Laboratories.

Asiva highlighted this company for its "85 years of economic activity in the area and contribution to the Valparaiso Region; its trajectory over time as a partner company; the importance given to the development of people, generation of jobs and commitment to the environment and surroundings, among other factors."

For this reason, a delegation of Knop Laboratories workers, led by CEO Germán Knop, came to receive this award on behalf of all those who work daily in the laboratory.

Double award

This new recognition adds to the "Excellence Award and Corporate Social Responsibility" recently awarded to Knop Laboratories by the National Chamber of Pharmaceutical Laboratories A.G. (CANALAB), as part of its Annual Ordinary General Assembly, held in Santiago.

All this highlights the role of more than 85 years this organization has at national and international level, innovating in research, development and commercialization of natural base drugs, leading in the holistic wellness subject.

Corporate social responsibility

Knop Laboratories is characterized by developing their work within a framework of respect and appreciation towards their workers; constant dialogue with their neighbors , community; and environmental care.

Two recent examples in progress reflect the latter: their participation in a historic project for the benefit of all Chileans, which seeks to develop a drug based on plant resource cannabis, project with the approval and support of the Institute of Public Health of Chile (ISP).

It has also promoted an ambitious program of Photovoltaic Generation and Energy Efficiency, setting up three solar power plants being the first company in Chile logged in medium voltage to the electricity distribution network, through an alliance with Chilquinta Energy , while allowing the surplus to be injected into the system for the whole community to use.



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