Knop Laboratories institutional goal is to lead in the holistic wellness field, through scientific development, technology and innovation applied to the manufacture of herbal medicines and processing of raw plant materials, contributing to a healthy life.

In this context, Daya and the city hall of La Florida invited Knop Laboratories to participate in this project to develop a product based on a plant like cannabis.

As a pharmaceutical laboratory duly authorized by the Public Health Institute (ISP), this challenge demonstrated our experience, professionalism, tradition and prestige in the field of research and development of pharmaceutical products whose components are of natural origin, which becomes a technical guarantee for this innovative project, controlled by all existing regulations in this field.

Social contribution

In accordance with the policy of social responsibility of our company, we intend to be a real contributor in the search for a medical solution to reduce the high costs that are currently reached by this type of product on the international market.

It is worth noting that Knop Laboratories has taken on this task, after signing an agreement with the Daya Foundation, which cultivates the raw material with permission of the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG). This Foundation also has an agreement to work together in this field with the city hall of La Florida, in order to benefit future patients treated in this district’s health centers.

Together with these entities, we have assumed the responsibility of developing this cannabis-based medicine in Chile to help improve quality of life, thus lessening the pain and partly attenuating the high costs that cancer generate.

To carry out this process, our company has been authorized and, as always, will abide by, all regulations imposed by the ISP. These aspects ensure that the creation and development of a medicament will comply with quality and safety requirements and a number of further technical aspects.

In this context, Daya Foundation, illustrious city hall of La Florida and Knop Laboratories conducted a pilot clinical study limited to 200 patients, adjusted to current regulations and duly authorized scientific evidence to support its therapeutic effectiveness. According to the results, it may proceed with the appropriate register.

Furthermore, the resulting medicine is subject to the control of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, in the production, distribution and dispensing chain.

After this process, we hope to have the desired medicine by the middle or end of 2016, once it has met the ISP’s requirements for approval and authorization.



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