Knop Laboratories innovates using renewable energy in its production plant, helping to improve the energy efficiency of the company by lowering the production plant’s energy consumption.

The implementation of non-conventional renewable energy in companies is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays there are various ecofriendly sources of energies that produce low levels of pollution.Knop Laboratories, has been one of the first companies waging their bets on the use of renewable energies by setting up Solar Energy Panels in its production plant located in Quilpué

The Solar Energy Panel is a device that takes advantage of the solar radiation energy, lowering the CO2 emission and other polluting gases. Furthermore, it has a low maintenance cost. The development of clean, low cost and inexhaustible solar technologies should result in huge long-term benefits.

This alternative type of energy has helped to lower the company’s production plant’s power consumption and also helps the community of Quilpué, because now the left over energy generated will be injected to the interconnected system, supplying clean energy to the rest of the city and contributing to the protection of the environment.

Knop Laboratories is constantly enhancing the quality of its products and increasing the efficiency of its production process, becoming an ecofriendly example for others companies.



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