Since its founding, Knop Laboratories has had as fundamental values, the respect for people, care for the environment, sustainable development pillars.

Social Commitment

In the social sphere, Knop Laboratories maintains a constant dialogue with their neighbors and community, constantly supporting social activities, community groups, firefighters, charities and sports clubs, among others.

In turn, internally promotes a healthy and collaborative environment in the organization, guided by values aimed at protecting and enhancing personal development. Stresses in this area, the current participation in a historic project for the benefit of all Chileans, which seeks to develop in Chile a drug based on plant resource cannabis, project with the authorization of the Institute of Public Health of Chile (ISP).


The company pushed an ambitious Photovoltaic Generation and Energy Efficiency program, refilling all luminaires, lower power LED technology. He also installed solar power plants, being the first company in Chile logged in medium voltage to the electricity distribution network, through an alliance with Chilquinta Energy, in turn allowing the surplus to be injected into the system to use for the community.

In addition, we conducted a Solid Waste Disposal Pharmaceutical plan, which develops in order to comply with the regulations governing the generation, possession, transfer and disposal of waste.

These are just some examples that speak of the leading laboratory in the development of drugs with natural active ingredients commitment to sustainability.



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